Restaurant La Oliva Cantabrian-Basque kitchen

La Oliva has the perfect mix of ingredients to ensure a wonderful gastronomic evening, like living la vida loca Española yourself. Pintxos and delicious dishes from the northern Spanish kitchen are the true basis of a unique culinary concept in the heart of the Jordaan district, a concept which will colour your evening with a wide range of wonderful Spanish wines and which feels very strongly about hospitality and a personal approach. It is all about the northern Spanish kitchen, presented to you by Pintxos and some nice starters and main dishes.

La Oliva welcomes you every day starting at 12 o’clock with pintxos and a nice range of lunch dishes; home-made tortillas, salads, Pata Negra and much more…

What are Pintxos?

A small but tasty and well decorated piece of bread, tartelette, pastry or crostini. In short: a culinary masterpiece merged into a small bite. Once a tasty bite which was eaten at the bar in combination with a drink, it has developed into one of the most culinary concept of all times. In the south of France and the north of Spain pintxos have already overwhelmed and even replaced the well-known tapas. Pintxos are the ideal, nice and casual way to meet the gastronomical desires of your guests.

Starting at 18.00 our kitchen is dinner-ready to offer you some marvellous northern Spanish starters and main dishes.

La Oliva is open daily:

Monday / Sunday from 12.00 till 22.00 hrs.

We start serving Pintxos at 17.00
Our creative à la carte menu is yours from 18.00 in the evening.

Yvette Barents and chef Alfredo Hoz Castillo offer you a warm welcome!


We highly recommend to reserve your table at restaurant La Oliva. Upon receiving your reservation, we’ll welcome you with a neatly laid dinner table.